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Metra Marine® Ships New Products

Apr 11, 2022

Holly Hill, Fla. – Metra Marine® by Metra Electronics® is shipping new Amplifier Wiring Kits and Marine Wire for marine applications. Drawing on Metra’s expertise in high-performance automotive audio and lighting accessories, the Metra Marine® line has added four new amplifier wiring kits and three new options for marine wire. These new products are specifically designed for the demands of watercraft.


Metra Marine’s new amplifier wiring kits feature fully tinned oxygen-free wire in a BC5W2 marine compliant jacket. Benefits to using tinned copper wire versus bare copper wire are that it won’t corrode, oxidize and turn green, and it’s easy to solder. Metra uses 100% virgin oxygen-free copper, which ensures that the tin doesn’t flake off from the copper, commonly seen when using recycled copper. While it is also common to tin just the tips of the wire for cost savings, this practice does not actually provide any benefits. Metra’s amp kits use fully tinned copper wire from top to bottom to ensure a reliable connection that can withstand a harsh marine environment and salty air. The ignition-protected circuit breaker is IP67 rated with stainless steel connection points for corrosion resistance. Included in the kits are:


  • A four or eight gauge tinned oxygen-free copper side-by-side red power and yellow ground wire (10 or 20 feet)
  • 18-gauge tinned oxygen-free copper blue remote turn-on wire (18 feet)
  • Connectors, ring terminals, and wire ties
  • Ignition protected circuit breaker (50-amp or 100-amp)


The amplifier kits are now available and shipping and come in two different gauge and length options as follows:


ML-AK8-10: 8 AWG Amp Kit (10 feet)

ML-AK8-20: 8 AWG Amp Kit (20 feet)

ML-AK4-10: 4 AWG Amp Kit (10 feet)

ML-AK4-20: 4 AWG Amp Kit (20 feet)


The assortment of new marine wire from Metra Marine® is designed specifically for marine applications using marine standards and marine color code. Each are constructed from fully tinned copper wire to ensure a reliable connection that can withstand a harsh marine environment and salty air. This new group of products offers three reliable wiring options for boating enthusiasts that will stand up to corrosion:


ML-BL18-500: Tinned OFC Marine Grade Remote Wire, 18 GA 500 foot Spool


  • Blue primary wire
  • 18 AWG fully tinned OFC multi-strand power wire
  • BC-5W2 marine compliant
  • 500 foot spool
  • 1 year limited warranty


ML-SPG8-100: Tinned OFC Side-by-side Red/Yellow wire, 8 GA 100 foot Spool


  • Jackets of the power and ground wires are bonded together to make running the cable simpler and faster
  • Red and yellow side-by-side (power/ground)
  • 8 AWG fully tinned OFC multi-strand power wire
  • High strand count for maximum flexibility
  • BC-5W2 marine compliant
  • 100 foot spool
  • 1 year limited warranty


ML-SPG4-100: Tinned OFC Side-by-side Red/Yellow wire, 4 GA 100 foot Spool


  • Red and yellow side-by-side (power/ground)
  • 4 AWG fully tinned OFC multi-strand power wire
  • High strand count for maximum flexibility
  • BC-5W2 marine compliant
  • 100 foot spool
  • 1 year limited warranty



These products are in stock and available now. View more information and place orders for these and other marine products at


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